Marketing is Riding a Sea-Change Wave
Is Design Paying Attention?
What is going on with marketing?

It used to be so simple: create a compelling message, design equally compelling creative around it, push it out into the marketplace, then watch the sales roll in. (okay, maybe not that simple, but you get the idea!)

No more.

Due to the rise of cloud-based marketing automation and the resulting mountains of data right at our fingertips, marketing is in the midst of an industry sea-change that is revolutionizing the way marketers do business. It's now possible to identify, connect, engage, deliver content, gather data (and insights), and iterate—all at speeds never before dreamed possible.

We're talking hours, not weeks or months. Test, iterate, test again, iterate again. Until connections are made, bonds are formed, conversions are achieved, and advocates are born.

So Why Should Design Pay Attention?

Simple. Catch this wave, or risk being stranded in its wake forever.

We Saw the Ground Swell Coming

At Scott Evans Brand + Design Communications, we’ve made it our business to pay attention—and adapt—to marketing’s “wild, wild, wave of change.”

Because we pay attention, we see that today’s marketer needs more from design. Much more.

And design, if it wants to continue serving as a mission-critical partner to marketing’s success, needs to respond.

We have.

Our Pivot to “Marketing by Design”

We know, inside and out, where marketing has been. Although nobody really knows where it’s heading, we do know this: the only place you’ll find the old playbook is in the rear-view mirror. And new horizons are unfolding before us every day as we continue riding this wave into marketing’s future.

With equal speed and agility, marketers now have the opportunity to quickly put those insights to work for them. Create and launch campaigns. Then—test, iterate, test, iterate, test, and iterate again—anything that is falling short in leading the target audience further down the funnel.

That said, "Marketing by Design" is defined as:

  • the convergence of cross-functional professionals, unified as one marketing “dream team,” where...
  • design represents the visual communications component of this convergence, to…
  • provide its audience with the best possible user experience, via targeted content (both written and visual), enhanced clarity and usability …
  • all executed and delivered in a nimble, agile, real-time, and on-demand approach.”

It’s an exciting time for marketers and designers alike. A small bit of wisdom to all: if you haven’t already, catch this wave and learn to ride it like a pro.

Otherwise, you risk being forever lost in its wake. Better hop on it!

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