The Future of Creativity in an Automated World

With the growing momentum for marketing automation and tech tools, is the digital marketing community losing track of the "steak" while being blinded by the "sizzle?"

Following is an awesome post that reminds us that there's a reason why that perfect, on-target creative concept is called the "Big Idea." And automation will never be able to generate it.


Marketing is Riding a Sea Change Wave.
Is Design Paying Attention?
What is going on with marketing?

It used to be so simple: create a compelling message, design equally compelling creative around it, push it out into the marketplace, then watch the sales roll in. (okay, maybe not that simple, but you get the idea)

No more. And if the world of design isn't paying attention, it better start.

read more and find out why...

Could You Explain Marketing To a Six Year Old?

If you asked twenty people to define marketing, you may get twenty distinctly different answers. The following post, in the form of a young son’s question to his father, explains marketing in its most distilled manner.

A must read if you’ve ever been asked, “what is marketing?”


What Is Inbound Marketing? And Why Should I Care?

Despite its use of SEO strategies and the way that SEO tends to overlap with it, inbound marketing is not a synonym for search engine optimization. SEO's main focus is on the search engines and how and where your site appears in their listings.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is about being found on the channels your most valuable customers engage in most. You want to use those channels to provide valuable content to your targeted audiences.

Through inbound marketing strategies, you will take your industry knowledge and use it to entertain your customers, solve their problems, or make their lives easier or better in some way.


How Graphic Design Gets Your Customers Listening

You want your customers to hear what you’re saying. But getting their attention can prove tricky for a whole range or reasons… That’s where graphic design—professional graphic design—can help.